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Molecular sieve as adsorbent for air adsorption dryer


The compressed air adsorption dryer uses adsorbent to adsorb and separate the moisture in the compressed air, reduce the moisture content in the compressed air, and achieve the purpose of drying. Of course, different adsorption dryers use different adsorbents.

As far as the current market is concerned, there are three commonly used adsorbents: molecular sieve, activated alumina and silica gel.
Molecular sieve: Its adsorption capacity is 3 times higher than that of activated alumina, and it is necessary to use the right adsorbent for deep drying of compressed air. However, molecular sieves have low strength and are easy to pulverize under the impact of high-intensity compressed air, so they can only be used in small amounts in traditional double-tower adsorption dryers. However, in the module dryer and the core dryer, the molecular sieve 4A is fully used.

Activated alumina: It is a high-strength adsorption desiccant, and is currently the most widely used adsorbent in domestic adsorption dryers. Its crush strength is higher than molecular sieve 4A, and it can withstand the high pressure impact of compressed air without pulverizing , has a good adsorption capacity, and the drying speed is fast and easy to regenerate. But deep drying is not possible. If you need to reach a pressure dew point of -40 to -70 degrees, you cannot rely on a single activated alumina, but need to use molecular sieve 4A at the same time.
Silica gel: Silica gel is currently used less and less in compressed air drying because it is susceptible to moisture deliquescence and can only be used for pressure dew point requirements of -20 degrees.
The most commonly used dryer adsorbents on the market are activated alumina, followed by molecular sieves. Last month, we had an African customer came to talk with us. Their company is a professional manufacturer of compressed air equipment, and also provides adsorbents to their cooperative customers. The customer purchased our  molecular sieve 3A for the Germany Zander air dryer used by their customer. Currently on the market, very few molecular sieve 3A are used for this application. Of course, after our final communication, we already know that the customer has fully confirmed that it is our 3A molecular sieve 3.0-5.0mm. In the end, through professional communication and competitive prices, the customer chose to trust OIM Chemical and placed a trial order to test our quality while existing suppliers supplied their molecular sieve. We believed that customers who receive our 3A molecular sieves will have satisfactory results and start our long-term cooperation.

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