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Jiangxi OIM Chemical Co., ltd is a professional enterprise, engaged in the field of activated alumina, molecular sieves, silica gel, ceramic balls and various tower packing. Products are widely used in petrochemical, industrial gases, PSA VPSA oxygen and nitrogen gas production, electronics, environmental protection and other industries.
Over the years, OIM Chemical corporate structure has evolved, in order to best meet the demands of an increasingly demanding and complex market, with which OIM Chemical has been able to interface, developing integrated proposals for products and services, characterized by a high degree of of quality and safety.
This allows us to constantly offer our customers cutting-edge technical and professional solutions, at a fair competitive level, and to qualify ourselves as specialized partners capable of building, with the customers themselves, solid and lasting successful commercial synergies. Our company has passed ISO9001:2015 International Quality Management system certification, and its products are widely sold to more than 120 countries in European, South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East etc. To provide customers with more optimized process solutions, and the company’s product quality has been well received by customers at home and abroad.
Since its establishment, the company has implemented the business philosophy of “Quality First, Customers First” to solve problems for customers and achieve a win-win situation.







Website: www.oimchem.com

Phone: +86 18179910932

Tel: +86 799 6666455

Email: info@oimchem.com

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+86 799 6666455


+86 18179910932
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