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Abrasion of Activated alumina


Activated alumina is a porous material with a large specific surface area, high mechanical strength, physical and chemical stability, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, and white particles in appearance. Our activated alumina has the characteristics of high capacity, low abrasion and strong water absorption, and is widely used in the deep drying of various gas-liquid substances and the treatment of harmful impurities.
Now we will talk about one of the important characteristics of activated alumina: Abrasion.
The abrasion in the technical standard of activated alumina ball is a very important technical parameter, which directly affects the shelf time of activated alumina ball in application. How to reduce the wear coefficient of the sphere has become a positive issue for aluminum oxide manufacturers. Now, we will briefly analyze how to improve the wear ratio of activated alumina balls and how to control the wear.
1. Control the fineness of raw materials
The raw material aluminum hydroxide powder should not be too coarse during the processing. Poor control of fineness can lead to poor adhesion of the sphere, rough and unsmooth surface, and powder loss.
2. Control the stacking density of Activated alumina balls.
Its density is a crucial indicator, and a small packing density can lead to loose spheres and direct wear.
3. The calcination temperature should not be too high.
The calcination temperature of activated alumina in the calcining furnace should not be too high, because the surface of the ball is rough and rough after being calcined, thus increasing the wear coefficient.
4. Polish the surface.
The activated alumina ball manufacturers with mature production process will carry out surface polishing treatment. The seemingly simple process can smooth the surface of the ball, make the ball more compact, and reduce the wear coefficient.
Generally speaking, the lower the wear rate of the adsorbent is, the less powder it has. This is beneficial for the maintenance of machine and equipment to improve their service life.

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