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Installation method of Pall ring


What is the correct installation method of the Pall ring? The installation of the Pall ring depends on the material. The installation method of different materials is different, and it can also be adjusted according to the size of the specification. Let's understand the installation method of the Pall ring. .
1. Installation method of Pall ring
It can be divided into wet loading and dry loading. Wet loading is to fill the packed tower with water, and the Pall ring is first contacted with water. For example, the ceramic pall ring can be wet loaded, which can reduce the damage of ceramics. The metal and plastic can be dry-packed, which is poured directly from the tower opening of the packed tower without damage.
2. Pall ring stacking method
Pall rings are random packings, and most of the specifications can be randomly piled, which can be directly piled up. However, in some packed towers, the 80-100mm Pall rings are arranged in a neat way for stacking, such as 80mm ceramic Pall rings can be arranged in a neat way.
To sum up, the correct installation method of Pall rings can be installed according to the actual working conditions as long as the damage of the Pall rings is reduced.

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