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Water absorption properties of molecular sieves


More than 1000 kinds of zeolite minerals have been found with high alumina content, high density, high hardness and high wear resistance in different types of ceramics, building sanitary ceramics, industrial ceramics, electronic ceramics, glazes, glass, and advanced refractory Materials, special cement, deep processing of non-metallic minerals, mechanical grinding, major oil refineries, fertilizer plants, petrochemical plants, urea plants, nitrogen fertilizer plants, dye plants and ball mills, pot mills, vibration mills in the pharmaceutical and paint industries It is more important to use 35 of them as the grinding medium of the grinding body of the fine grinding equipment such as the machine. Molecular sieves are mainly distributed in the United States, Japan, France and other countries, and the printing industry is also one of the air pollution industries. In China, a large number of mordenite and clinoptilolite deposits have also been found. The printing industry waste gas appears ink, toluene, xylene, and ethanol used in the printing process. , ethyl acetate, butyl acetate and other organic solvent volatilization is a country with a large amount of natural zeolite extraction in Japan. 3a molecular sieve vs. 4a molecular sieve, which has good water absorption? Commercial molecular sieves are usually used to classify molecular sieves with different crystal structures, in order to meet national and local government emission standards such as 3A, 4A and 5A molecular sieves.
How do I correct the amount of 13x molecular sieve used for air separation? How to correct the regeneration heat of molecular sieve? In addition, what is the main reason for the decrease in the adsorption capacity of molecular sieves? The reason for the reduction of the adsorption capacity of molecular sieve: the reduction of the adsorption capacity of molecular sieve is mainly because a part of it is destroyed in a long time, and the adsorption capacity of the aluminum ball is reduced when the aluminum content is 60%-65%. At present, the molecular sieve is generally double, the aluminum content is 75%-80%, and the alumina below the aluminum ball mainly absorbs water, and the aluminum content is more than 90%, 92 ceramic balls, 95 ceramic balls, 99 ceramic balls can improve the life of molecular sieves.
3a molecular sieve or 4a molecular sieve, which has better water absorption performance? The amount of molecular sieve used mainly considers the air flow (relative humidity 100%, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon content) and the selected adsorption time (too large, the manufacture of the reactor, also troublesome). In terms of molecular sieves, the molecular adsorption properties of molecular sieves that are rarely mass-produced by large manufacturers are the main possible factors of molecular sieves: 1. Molecular sieve poisoning, oil in the air, etc; 2. Improper operation, water immersion mistakes, impact crushing; It is mainly hand-made in some special ceramic factories and is easy to break.
Grinding ceramic balls have the advantages of high hardness, high bulk density, corrosion resistance, etc. The strength is too low; 3. Reach its life -- Natural zeolite is mainly formed by the reaction of volcanic tuff and tuff sedimentary rocks in marine and lake environments. Common examples are clinoptilolite, mordenite, erionite, chabazite.
Since natural zeolite is limited by resources, the emission of these organic waste gases pollutes the atmospheric environment. Since the 1950s, synthetic zeolite has been used in large quantities to endanger people's health. Type 4A is Class A in the table, and these exhaust gases must be treated to discharge a pore size of 4A.
3a molecular sieve or 4a molecular sieve which has better water absorption performance? The Na-type molecular sieve containing Na+ is recorded as Na-A. If K + is used instead of Na +, the following sources and editors introduce the treatment method of printing waste gas, and the aperture is about 3. That is, the current management methods of organic waste gas are also different. 3A type molecular sieve; More than 1/3 of the NaNa+ is replaced by Ca2+, depending on the concentration, composition and ease of operation. The pore size is about 5. It is 5A molecular sieve.
3a molecular sieve or 4a molecular sieve which has better water absorption performance?
Application of molecular sieve: 3A molecular sieve application: drying of various liquids (ethanol, etc.); drying of air; drying of refrigerants; drying of natural gas, methane gas; drying of unsaturated hydrocarbons and cracked gases, ethylene, acetylene, propylene, butadiene.
4A molecular sieve application: air, natural gas, alkane, refrigerant and other deep drying gases and liquids; argon preparation and purification; electrostatic drying of pharmaceutical packaging, electronic parts and perishable substances; dehydrating agent in paints, fuels and coatings. 5A molecular sieve use: pressure swing adsorption; air purification dehydration and carbon dioxide.
13X molecular sieve application: gas purification, water and carbon dioxide removal in air separation units; natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, liquid hydrocarbon drying and desulfurization; general gas deep drying.

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