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What is the role of Pall ring filler?


What role does Jiangxi OIM Pall ring packing play in waste gas treatment? When the Pall ring is filled in the purification tower, what is the effect on mist removal? Waste gas treatment packing can be divided into multi-faceted hollow sphere, Pall ring, rosette and stepped ring. The packing gap is large, and the liquid can hold a large amount of liquid, so that the liquid can stay for a long time, thereby increasing the contact time of the gas and liquid phases, and improving the mass transfer efficiency of the packing. Large gap, large flow, high quality and high efficiency. Widely used in chemical packing towers, dust removal, sewage treatment, air purification, waste gas treatment towers and other environmental protection industries. Pall rings are placed on top of the support layer and stacked in a mixed manner. In addition to effectively reducing the moisture content in the exhaust gas, it is easy to maintain, reduces the corrosion rate of the subsequent pipelines, and improves the surrounding working environment. The use of mist eliminator is of great significance to ensure the normal operation of the wet exhaust gas treatment system.
The Pall ring has made great progress in the research of Raschig ring. The diameter of the ring is equivalent to the height of the ring, but there are two rows of tongue windows on the ring wall, and each layer of holes has five tongues. This structure improves gas-liquid distribution and makes full use of the inner surface of the ring. Compared with Raschig rings, the capacity can reach more than 50%, and the lower part is compressed; usually made of metal, plastic or ceramic. Pall ring packing has the advantages of large flux, low resistance, high separation efficiency and great operational flexibility. In general, the pressure drop of the Pall ring is 50% to 100%. Under the same processing conditions, when the pressure drop is less than 50%-50% of the Raschig ring, the Pall ring packing can also reduce the pressure, and the volume of the Raschig ring packing is about 20%.
When the flue gas with droplets enters the channel of the defogger, due to the deflection of the streamline, the gas-liquid separation is realized under the action of inertial force, and some of the droplets impinge on the vanes of the defogger and are removed. trapped
There are many factors affecting the demisting efficiency, mainly to ensure that the demisting efficiency of the system is above 80%, and the height of the filler layer is between 100-250mm. Jiangxi OIM pall ring packing material can be selected according to the nature and corrosiveness of exhaust gas and air supply fan, etc. The form of Pall ring packing can be selected according to the characteristics of system exhaust gas, such as flow rate, SO2 content, water load, dust concentration, etc. , absorbent utilization and other comprehensive factors to select.

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