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Precautions for inert ceramic balls


Use of inert ceramic balls
1. Before use, the inert ceramic balls should be kept clean, dry and dust-free to prevent dust from falling on the inert ceramic balls.
2. The inert ceramic ball will absorb some impurities in the process gas if it is used for a long time. It should be checked regularly every year. If there is any impurity blockage, it should be cleaned or replaced in time according to the impurities.
* Inert Ceramic Ball Filling
Preparation: First remove all the sundries in the tower, draw a horizontal line on the inner wall of the tower according to the top height of each layer of the ceramic ball and catalyst, as the pavement height mark. Carefully check the ceramic balls of different particle sizes, and store them separately according to the particle size marked on the product packaging for paving.
Paving: When paving the lowest layer of ceramic balls, care should be taken to avoid damage to other systems in the tower. The ceramic balls to be installed should be hoisted into the tower and then spread; when the ceramic balls are spread to the level of the top surface of the layer, spread evenly with a shovel. The paving personnel should not stand or walk directly on the supporting material. Stand on a plank. The number of operators operating in the tower should be as few as possible to avoid the movement of the ceramic ball layer. After the next layer of paving is completed, a layer of catalyst or ceramic balls can be paved. The thickness of each layer of ceramic balls should be accurate and uniform, and the surface should be scraped with a spade or scraper, and the height should be consistent with the horizontal line marked on the pavement height.

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