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What is the meaning of 13X and 10X molecular sieves?


13, 10: The numbers represent the effective pore size of the molecular sieve
X: represents the shape of the crystal structure of the molecular sieve;
13x molecular sieve: refers to the sodium type of the x-type crystal structure, which is an alkali metal alumino silicate.
Chemical formula: Na2O·Al2O3·(2.8±0.2)SiO2·(6-7)H2O
Si-Al ratio: SiO2/AL2O3≈2.6-3.0
This product is used in industry for drying and purification of general gases, purification of raw materials for air separation units (removing H2O and CO2 at the same time) and desulfurization of liquid hydrocarbons and natural gas (removing H2S and mercaptans) or as a catalyst carrier. All molecules that can be adsorbed on 3A, 4A and 5A molecular sieves can be adsorbed by 13X (effective pore size: about 10A).
10X molecular sieve
Chemical formula: 4/5CaO·1/5Na2O·Al2O3·(2.8±0.2) SiO2·(6-7)H2O
Si-Al ratio: SiO2/Al2O3≈2.6-3.0
Effective aperture: about 9A
Application: Mainly used for adsorption separation of aromatic hydrocarbons and paraffin refining.

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