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How to extend the shelf time of Activated alumina


Activated alumina is odorless and insoluble in water and can be used as a desiccant, but its shelf time is relatively short. Many people want to extend its shelf time, but do
not know the correct method, so we can use the following methods:
1. Control the concentration of K2CO3 solution in the drying tower between 1.3g/L-1.4g/L. It is required to control the concentration of caustic soda when preparing or steaming caustic soda. For long-term use of dilute lye, it is necessary to replacement timely in order to reduce the phosphate content in the K2CO3 solution and reduce consumption.
2. Strictly control the feeding: It is required that the long-term soaking in water and working fluid will not soften or pulverize, which is the premise for its normal function. Bad consequences. 
3. Using the characteristics of high strength of activated alumina and not easy to crush, the used product can be exposed to the sun under the sun, so that the water stored in it can evaporate and continue to be used after crystallization.
4. Control the temperature well: the temperature is controlled at 40-55 ℃, and the working fluid needs to be preheated in advance during the working fluid circulation process. In addition, the working fluid is being regenerated, and the regeneration effect is remarkable when the temperature rises.
5. By cleaning with sodium hydroxide solution or aluminum sulfate solution, the desiccant is regenerated to a certain extent, its adsorption performance is restored, and its shelf time is prolonged.
6. Strictly control many factors that affect the chemical reaction of hydrogenation and oxidation processes, minimize the generation of degradants, reduce the burden of clay bed regeneration, and extend the shelf time.

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