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The adsorption principle of 13X molecular sieve


What is the adsorption principle of 13X molecular sieve? How does molecular sieve work? Now we will introduce the adsorption principle of 13X molecular sieve to you.

1. The normal operation of molecular sieve is to first absorb water by activated alumina, and then absorb acetylene, carbon dioxide and some hydrocarbons by 13X molecular sieve. The main function is to provide clean and dry air for the subsequent working environment.

2. When the adsorption force of 13X molecular sieve reaches the optimal saturation state, a large amount of gas can be used to purge, and these impurities can be discharged from the molecular sieve. After the molecular sieve is clean, it can be recycled again.

3. How to regenerate incompletely, it is easy to continue some moisture or hydrocarbons in the subsequent process, and freeze in the cold box, which will affect the heat exchange area or accumulate in the rectification tower. When the concentration reaches a certain value , it will explode under the action of static electricity.

How can we be sure that the 13X molecular sieve is functioning effectively? It can be judged by the dew point, where the dew point refers to the absolute humidity in the dirty nitrogen in the air separation. The lower the dew point is, the lower the moisture content in the dirty nitrogen. 

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