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What is carbon raschig ring?


The carbon raschig ring is made of colloidal graphite powder, which has the advantages of good corrosion resistance (better hydrofluoric acid resistance), relatively low cost, and is widely used in packed towers to improve separation efficiency. In foreign countries, carbon Raschig rings is also called grahite raschig ring, which are mainly prepared by high-temperature graphitization of coke and asphalt into graphite tubes and then intercepting method. The production cycle is long and energy consumption is large. However, there are few reports on graphite Raschig rings in China.
Phenolic resin is used as the adhesive, and graphite powder is cured, dried, crushed, sieved, pressed, and heat treated. Selection and dosage of the adhesive. In foreign countries, carbon raschig rings are made from coke and asphalt by high temperature sintering at 2000~3000 ℃. It has been reported that under the same conditions, the bonding effect of phenolic resin is the best. This is due to the residual carbon formed in the network structure when the phenolic resin is heated, which improves the mechanical properties of the product. However, too much addition leads to the decrease of porosity. According to the chemical characteristics of phenolic resin, ethanol is used to dissolve phenolic resin and urotropine. After complete dissolution, graphite powder is added and fully mixed. After curing for a period of time, it is placed under an infrared lamp or an oven with a ventilation device to dry completely, and then it is crushed by a ball mill to pass the 80 mesh sieve. We found that the length of ripening time affects the mechanical properties of Rashing ring. If the ripening time is too short, take 3 days for ripening in the experiment.
Press forming, test the influence of different pressures on the performance of Rasheed ring, and find that when the pressure is less than 10 MPa, the crushing strength is low, and the porosity is high; On the contrary, the pressure is too high (20M Pa), the porosity is low, and stress fragmentation occurs.

The following are the relevant parameters of carbon raschig ring that we have summarized, and we hope they will be helpful.
Size(mm) 19mm,25mm,38mm,50mm ..... 100mm
Surface area(m2/m3) 220,160,115......55
Crush strength(Mpa) ≥79.50
Bending strength(Mpa) ≥35
Bulk density(kg/m3) 550~650
Themal conductivity(W/m.k) 31.4 ~ 40.7
Resistance temperature (℃) 400
Advantage:It's a chemical product with excellent acid resistance and heat resistance, resistant to 48% concentration of hydrofluoric acid, strong acid and strong alkali.
The best process and conditions for preparing carbon raschig rings can make the performance of graphite Raschig rings better than that of imported products of the same specification. carbon raschig ring is widely used, mainly for gas absorption, acid gas desorption, washing tower, regeneration tower, fertilizer production and other practical applications. It can also be used as a filler in propane stripper and acid containing gas absorber. It can be used in the furnace and tower of petrochemical equipment such as alkylation and reforming, and in the purification, absorption, condensation, evaporation, filtration and washing of strong corrosive materials. It is also used in many large petrochemical companies, oil refineries and other alkylation units, as well as hydrochloric acid desorption tower of methyl chloride production units. The development has filled the gap in China.
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