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Hydrogen Peroxide production activated alumina


As known that the common adsorbents on the market are molecular sieve, activated alumina and silica gel, which are used in various industries and play an important role in many industries. Today we will focus on the activated alumina used for hydrogen peroxide production, which has a very good adsorption effect.
Activated alumina is a special hydrogen peroxide adsorbent for hydrogen peroxide. Its application is essentially a dealkali agent, which is mainly used in the production of hydrogen peroxide by anthraquinone method. Activated alumina is mainly used in the hydrogenation liquid regeneration bed and clay bed. Its role in the hydrogenation liquid regeneration bed is to regenerate the anthraquinone degradation products in the hydrogenation liquid, and its role in the clay bed is to regenerate the anthraquinone degradation products that may be generated and the potassium carbonate solution in the adsorption working liquid.
If the requirements for use need to be met, the special activated alumina for hydrogen peroxide should have the characteristics of porous, strong activity, strong acid absorption, etc., so as to adsorb the water in the oil, peroxide compounds, organic acids and other substances harmful to the transformer and oil. It plays a significant role in the production of hydrogen peroxide. At the same time, in this reaction, the characteristics of the adsorbent should meet the following requirements:
1. Water absorption: >20%
2. Acid absorption: >5mg (KOH)/g
3. Moisture content: <0.5%
4. It has strong adsorption capacity and stable physical and chemical properties.

Activated alumina has good adsorption effect not only on natural gas, air and oil, but also on hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, it is very important to select a suitable supplier of activated alumina. OIM Chemical is a professional company dedicated to activated alumina. We welcome friends from all over the world to discuss with us.

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