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The function of silica alumina gel


Silica alumina gel, also called silicon aluminum gel, is a white or light yellow particles, and the aluminum oxide content of general products is 3-15%. It is hygroscopic and is made by the reaction of water glass and sulfuric acid solution containing aluminum sulfate. It is mainly used as a catalyst carrier for oil catalytic cracking or other organic synthesis, as well as for natural gas dehydration and PSA separation of light hydrocarbons.
Our silica alumina gel is divided into two types. One is silica alumina gel WS, and the other is silica alumina gel H.
The molecular formula of WS type silica alumina gel is mSiO2. nAl2O3. xH2O. Stable chemical property, non combustible, except for strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid.
Generally, the fine porous water-resistant silica alumina gel WS is generally used as the protective layer of the fine porous silica gel and the fine porous silica alumina gel H type, and can also be used alone when the content of free water (liquid water) is very high. If the operating system contains liquid water, the product can also reach a relatively low dew point. The common silica gel is not water resistant, which is mainly used for drying and moisture-proof. It can also be used as catalyst carrier, adsorbent, separator, and PSA.

Our silica alumina gel WS type has the following application:
1. Mainly used for drying and purification of compressed air, acetylene is used as air separation operation and carbon dioxide adsorbent; Industrial catalyst carrier; Industrial gas drying, water purification, etc. Desiccant for various gases, catalyst carrier, silica gel protective bed ion adsorbent.
2. Air drying, liquid air drying. Acetylene is adsorbed during the preparation of liquid oxygen.
3. Petrochemical industry, electric power industry, liquid adsorbent and catalyst carrier are used in brewing and other industries, and water treatment is used for water purification.
4. Silicon alumina gel can also be used as battery, bleached cloth, precision manufacturing, precision parts of space shuttle, etc., mainly for bonding.

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