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Differences between zeolite molecular sieve and carbon molecular sieve


As a desiccant, molecular sieves are divided into zeolite molecular sieves and carbon molecular sieve. Zeolite molecular sieve has two kinds of natural zeolite and synthetic zeolite. Different molecular sieves have different compositions and uses, and have their own characteristics. Today, OIM Chemical will introduce the difference between zeolite molecular sieve and carbon molecular sieve.
1. Different colors
The color of zeolite molecular sieves are generally light brown; The carbon molecular
sieve is black.
2. Different sizes
Zeolite molecular sieve crystal has holes of a certain size, and there are many holes of the same diameter (also known as holes) connected between the holes diameter). According to its pore or channel system, it can be divided into three groups: micropores, mesopores (mesopores) and mesopores. Internal hole division is 3nm, 4nm, 5nm, 9nm, 10nm. The carbon molecular sieve contains a large number of 4 angstrom micropores. When manufacturing carbon molecular sieve, according to the molecular size, the pore distribution inside the carbon molecular sieve should be 0.28-0.38 nm.
3. Different composition
Zeolite molecular sieve is the hydrate of crystalline aluminosilicate metal salt. The raw materials of zeolite molecular sieve are natural zeolite and synthetic zeolite. Synthetic zeolites are commonly used in the petrochemical industry, that is, molecular sieve 3A, molecular sieve 4A and molecular sieve 5A, Molecular sieve 10A, molecular sieve 13X, and upgraded varieties derived from molecular sieve 13X, such as molecular sieve 13X APG; molecular sieve 13X APG III; Oxygen molecular sieve 13X HP etc. Carbon molecular sieve is an excellent non-polar carbon material molecular sieve. The raw materials are from coconut shell, coal, resin, etc., which are the main raw materials needed in the PSA nitrogen generator. Carbon molecular sieve can be divided into carbon molecular sieve CMS220, CMS240, CMS260, CMS280.... the most advanced carbon molecular sieve CMS330. The higher the level is, the greater the amount of nitrogen produced is.
4. Different application
Carbon molecular sieve are widely used in coal fields, petroleum, chemicals, metal heat treatment, electronic manufacturing, food preservation and other industries, zeolite molecular sieve can be used for petroleum, chemicals, natural gas and electronic production, as well as industrial gas separation and pharmaceutical industry, refrigeration industry, and insulating glass manufacturing.

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