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Some kinds of adsorbents ship to Middle East Country


1st June is Children's Day in China, and it is also the first day of Shanghai's gradual unblocking. OIM Chemical delivered the 1st shipment since the unblocked of Shanghai.

Customer is from Middle East countries and have a good relationship with the end user. After the long period of mutual communication and technical guidance, customer choose to trust the products and brand of OIM Chemical. We also do not lose the trust of customers, and deliver satisfied products under the work efficiency of good quality and quantity. The following is the adsorbents which purchased by the customer this time.
Molecular sieve 4A -- For compressed air dryer.
Activated alumina -- High crush strength, absorbs a lot of water in the air.
Carbon molecular sieve --- Achieve high purity 99.99-99.999% nitrogen.

So you can guess what is the final application of the adsorbents which customer bought from our OIM Chemical? If you are also interested in, please feel free to email us at any time.

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