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3A molecular sieve in Ethanol Dehydration Process


       As we known, the raw materials for ethanol production are mainly from corn or other grains etc. When they are collected and transported to the Ethanol Plant, they will go through processes such as Grinding, Cooking, Fermentation, Distillation, and Dehydration to obtain high-purity ethanol.
       So how can we get high-purity ethanol? The 3A molecular sieve we produced  plays a vital role. Next, I will have a simple introduction for “3A molecular sieve in Ethanol Dehydration”.
       The pore size of 3A molecular sieve is 3A, the molecule of water is 2.6A, and ethanol is 4.2A. We can know the molecule diameter of ethanol is larger than 3A molecular sieve, and molecular sieve have selective adsorption. So 3A molecular sieve can just adsorb water and do not adsorb ethanol. Therefore, when the water-containing ethanol vapor passes through the molecular sieve adsorption bed, the molecular sieve is adsorbed by water, and the ethanol vapor passes through the adsorption bed to become pure ethanol.
        Compared with other methods to dehydration ethanol, 3A molecular sieves have the following characteristics:
1) The product quality is high, and dehydration ability is strong. The concentration of ethanol can reach 99.995% after dehydration;
2) Low energy consumption;
3) The operation method is simple, the labor intensity is small, and the whole process can be automatically controlled;
4) Molecular sieve dehydration is a physical process, and there is no toxic chemical substance in the whole process, and it will not cause environmental pollution and waste water discharge;
5) The molecular sieve has a long service life. Under normal operation, the shelf time of molecular sieve can be more than 5 years.
The above is the analysis of 3A molecular sieve used in alcohol dehydration process. If you have any technical questions, please feel free to contact us to check details. 


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