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activated alumina for TBC


Keywords: activated alumina for TBC; activated alumina; TBC
Application: Used in the production of polyethylene and polymers, effectively adsorbing catalyst residues, TBC, hydrocarbons and other substances remaining in the production process;
Common size: 1.2-2.8mm, 1.5-3.2mm, 3.0-5.0mm;
Static adsorption capacity: In the environment with a relative humidity 60%, the water adsorption capacity reaches more than 20%.
Activated alumina has strong adsorption properties. It is suitable for drying a variety of gases and liquids. It is used as an adsorbent, desiccant, catalyst carrier and fluorine removal in the fields of petroleum, fertilizers, and chemical industries. Although it is a chemical product, it can absorb toxic substances in water and remove fluorine and arsenic in water. It is very suitable as an adsorbent for water treatment.
Today, we will discuss a special activated alumina for polymerization inhibitor: KA408 TBC supplied by our company. It is a spherical particle made by adding an additive through a special process to super adsorb activated alumina, which is widely used for drying fluids and gases. It can also adsorb TBC (p-tert-butylcatechol) in hydrocarbons and heavy metal substances. The pore size of our KA408 TBC special activated alumina is larger than that of ordinary adsorbents, which helps  adsorb impurities in hydrocarbons and can effectively adsorb TBC used in the production of rubber, PS, ABS, TPE, etc. Agent to meet product requirements.
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