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Precautions for molecular sieve


Molecular sieve is very easy to absorb moisture. It should not be directly exposed to the air during storage, and should be stored in a dry place. Molecular sieves which have been stored for a long time and have absorbed moisture should be regenerated before use.
Molecular sieve need avoid oil and liquid water. Oil can block the pores of the molecular sieve. Especially during regeneration, it is possible to carbonize the oil and cause clogging of pores. For the gas containing oil, the oil and water should be separated first, and then the molecular sieve tower should be carried out. Because the molecular sieve releases heat when it absorbs water, a large amount of heat is released when the liquid water contacts the molecular sieve directly. Dangers may occur, or the performance of the molecular sieve may be destroyed.
When the molecular sieve tower working under pressure is undergoing regeneration switching, the internal pressure of the tower should be slowly reduced. If the pressure reduction speed is too fast, the molecular sieve particles may be broken and powdered. The higher the regeneration temperature, the safer the regeneration. But at the same time the greater the energy consumption of regeneration, and the lifetime of the molecular sieve may also be shortened. Therefore, the regeneration temperature is more appropriate between 200-350°C. The regeneration temperature should generally not exceed 600°C, otherwise the molecular sieve may lose activity.

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