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What is Molecular sieve?


One. The definition of molecular sieve
It is a kind of synthetic molecule with strong adsorption, molecular sieving, ion exchange and catalysis. It is also called natural zeolite. It is also a kind of natural alumino silicate, because it has many pores with uniform pore size and neatly arranged pores on the outer structure, and it also separates molecular sieves of different pore sizes to separate molecules of different sizes.
Two. The function of molecular sieve
1. Adsorption function
Molecular sieves are mainly acted by molecular gravity, which produces a kind of "surface force" on a fixed surface. When the fluid flows through, some of the molecules in the fluid will make irregular motions and collide with the surface of the adsorbent. The surface produces a concentration of molecules. In the overall collision motion, the number of molecules decreases, so as to achieve the effect of separation.
Because of the strong polarity and Coulomb field inside the crystal pores of the molecular sieve, it exhibits a strong adsorption capacity for polar molecules (such as water) and unsaturated molecules.
2. Drying function
The crystal cavity of the molecular sieve also has a strong polarity, which can have a strong effect on the surface of the zeolite molecular sieve with molecules containing polar groups, or induce strong adsorption by inducing the polarization of the polarizable molecules. Because molecular sieve has strong adsorption capacity for water and carbon dioxide, when molecular sieve desulfurization, molecular sieve has strong adsorption capacity for water and other small molecules.
3. Screening function
The pore size distribution of the molecular sieve is very uniform and orderly. When the molecular diameter is smaller than the pore diameter, the substance will enter the crystal cavity of the molecular sieve. So as to separate various types of molecular sieves
Three. The characteristic of molecular sieve
The molecular sieve can be used as high-efficiency desiccant, selective adsorbent, catalyst and ion exchange.
Four. The types of molecular sieve
Usual types is 3A molecular sieve, 4A molecular sieve, 5A molecular sieve, 13X air separation molecular sieve, 13x APG molecular sieve, Oxygen molecular sieve and Carbon molecular sieve. We can choose the best suitable molecular sieve according to the final application. 

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