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Factors affecting the use of activated alumina filler


Generally, there are some defects in the use of desiccant, and in the process of improvement, activated alumina filler appears. As a new type of desiccant filling material, it has good adsorption effect and is often used as a kind of adsorption tower to remove water and moisture.
What are the factors affecting the use of activated alumina?
1. Water absorption
The water absorption of the activated alumina ball desiccant is affected by the surface tension of the medium and the viscosity of the liquid, as well as the requirements of temperature and pressure. When the surface tension is large, large droplets are adhered to the screen and the water absorption is high. Generally speaking, the temperature resistance of activated alumina filler is closely related to raw materials. Different raw materials have different temperature resistance. The temperature resistance of activated alumina is generally above 100 ℃, and should not exceed 110 ℃. Otherwise, the surface tension is small, and the viscosity of liquid droplets is large. At this time, the liquid droplets are not easy to be adsorbed and filtered, and the gas channel is easy to be blocked, reducing the defoaming power. If the mist content is high and the particle size is large, the defoaming power will increase.
2. Flow
The speed of wet gas passing through the adsorption tower shall be appropriate. If the gas velocity is too low, the mist will float in the gas phase, so it cannot have inertial collision with the desiccant, and will be taken away by the gas as the air flows through the screen; If the flow rate is too high, the gas moisture is not easy to be adsorbed clean, and it is easy to be brought out by the gas again, reducing the adsorption capacity. At this time, the solution is to reduce the flow rate and then conduct heating treatment.
3. Particle size
The smaller the particles, the higher the adsorption capacity, but the smaller the particle size, the lower the particle strength, affecting its service life. Therefore, the selection of appropriate size also requires comprehensive consideration of tower packing design company.
4. PH value of raw water
*When the PH value is greater than 5, the lower the PH value, the higher the adsorption capacity.
*The higher the initial fluoride concentration of raw water, the greater the adsorption capacity.

The above are several important factors that affect the adsorbability of activated alumina described by OIM Chemical Co., Ltd. If there is any supplement, welcome friends from all over the world to discuss.

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