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What is the molecular sieve 13X and the application


Recently, we often receive many inquiries for molecular sieve 13X. There are 4 *8 mesh particles and 3.2 mm pellet.
We guess that the customer must need our molecular sieve for air purification.
So what is molecular sieve 13X? What are the application of our molecular sieve?
Now i will give you a brief introduction.
First of all, what is molecular sieve? In short, molecular sieves can be divided into two types, one is natural zeolite existing in nature. The other is synthetic zeolite, which is often used in our petrochemical industry. Molecular sieve is a synthetic hydrated aluminosilicate with the function of sieving molecules. In a narrow sense, molecular sieve is an adsorbent. Its types include: molecular sieve 3A, molecular sieve 4A, molecular sieve 5A, molecular sieve 13X, etc. Due to the different pore size, the molecular size of adsorption is also different. For example, our molecular sieve 13X, whose pore size is 10a, can absorb any molecule with pore size less than 10a and more than 3.64a.
What is the purpose of this molecular sieve 13X?
1. Dehydration and drying application
Molecular sieves, as polar adsorption materials, have very strong hydrophilic characteristics and are excellent dehydration and drying materials. The pore size of molecular sieve 13X is larger than that of type A molecular sieve, forming stronger and more water absorption characteristics.
13x molecular sieve drying dehydration is mainly used in various types of air dryers, serving various industries with high water content requirements. Molecular sieve adsorption dehydration can be used in oil industry, natural gas industry and liquid hydrocarbon drying treatment.
Purpose of 13X molecular sieve raw powder: After being processed by adding binder, 13X molecular sieve raw powder is widely used for desulfurization of cracked gas, drying and desulfurization of natural gas and liquid hydrocarbon, air separation dehydration and CO2 removal. The effective pore size of 13X molecular sieve is 10 angstrom, and it can adsorb any molecule less than 10 angstrom.
2. Adsorption application
Molecular sieves are widely used in the adsorption and separation of gases due to their ability to adsorb molecules with smaller pore sizes than their own.
13x molecular sieve has high adsorption capacity for polar molecules such as H2O, NH3, H2S and CO2.
When applied to air dryers, it can achieve high-precision adsorption of water and carbon dioxide.
13x molecular sieve is often used for gas adsorption and separation, such as adsorption of water and sulfur compounds.
3. Application of catalytic carrier
Due to the pore size of 13X molecular sieve is relatively large in microporous molecular sieve, it is very suitable for catalytic reaction as a carrier, so it is often used in chemical catalytic production and synthesis.

The above is molecular sieve 13X summarized by OIM Chemical. Our company also has other kinds of molecular sieves, activated alumina, silica gel and ceramic balls. Please feel free to contact us if you need.

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