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What is chemical tower packings?


Tower packings, as the name suggests, are the basic components of gas-liquid contact in packed towers, and are widely used in many industries. They have excellent acid and heat resistance, and are resistant to corrosion by various inorganic acids, organic acids, and organic solvents except hydrofluoric acid. The application range is very wide and can be used in drying towers, absorption towers, washing towers, and regeneration towers in industries such as chemical industry, metallurgy, and gas oxygen production. According to materials, it can be divided into three categories: ceramic tower packing, plastic tower packing, and metal tower packing.
Today, we will briefly introduce irregular porous tower packing: the original tower packings were only a few types, such as Raschig rings, Pall rings and so on. The materials used to make tower packings now include tower internals, ceramics, graphite, plastic, and metal. Below, I will briefly describe the tower packings made of three materials.
Ceramic tower packing
Ceramic tower packings are also known as ceramic rings, including more than 40 types of ceramic rings, such as Rashig rings, Pall rings, cross rings, ceramic intalox saddle rings, different saddle rings, and conjugate rings. It has excellent acid resistance and heat resistance, and can withstand corrosion by various acids and bases except oxyfluoride. Ceramic tower packings can be used for the lining of washing towers, cooling towers, recovery and regeneration towers, desulfurization towers, drying towers, absorption towers, and reactors in industries such as chemical, metallurgical, acid, gas, oxygen, steel, pharmaceutical, and fine chemical industries.
1. Ceramic pall ring   
It is a kind of open hole annular packing developed on the basis of ceramic raschig rings with equal height and diameter. Each layer of window holes has 5 tongue leaves, each tongue leaf is inwardly bent towards the center of the ring, and the positions of the upper and lower layers of window holes are opposite and staggered. Generally, the opening area accounts for about 30% of the total area of the ring wall, allowing gas and liquid in the packing tower to freely pass through the window holes, improving the gas-liquid distribution, and making full use of the inner surface of the ring.
2. Ceramic intalox saddle ring
It belongs to the process of continuous extrusion, and has the advantages of large flux, low pressure, and high efficiency. The intalox saddle ring packed bed layer has a large void ratio, and there are mostly circular liquid channels in the bed layer, which reduces the resistance of gas passing through the bed layer and also reduces the radial diffusion coefficient of liquid flowing downward.
3. Ceramic cascade mini ring
The gap between the filler particles is increased, and the resistance of gas passing through the filler layer is reduced. Moreover, these contact points can also be the convergence and dispersion points for liquid flowing along the surface of the filler, thereby promoting the surface renewal of the liquid film and improving the mass transfer efficiency of the filler.
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Metal tower packing
Metal tower packingss are tower fillers made of carbon steel, stainless steel, and composite gold. Metal tower packings has the advantages of thin wall, cold and heat resistance, large void ratio, large flux, low pressure, low resistance, good separation effect, and long service life. Although the one-time investment is slightly large, it can fully utilize the potential of the equipment. Metal tower packingss are suitable for vacuum distillation columns to handle materials that are allergic, easy to decompose, easy to tighten, and easy to form carbon. Metal tower packingss are widely used in packed towers in industries such as petrochemical, fertilizer, chemical, and environmental protection.
1. Metal Raschig Ring
It is widely used in many fields, but the most important area of application of metal Raschig ring is as catalyst support.
2. Metal Pall Ring
3. Many window holes are opened in the ring wall to allow gas and liquid in the tower to pass freely through the window. Pall ring packing is one of the main ring packing used.
3. Metal cascade mini ring
Due to the special structure of reduced height and tapered flanging, not only the gas-liquid distribution within the packing layer is improved, but also the gas-liquid contact point is increased, which is conducive to liquid aggregation and dispersion and continuous renewal of the membrane surface, enhancing mass transfer and greatly improving separation efficiency.
4. Metal intalox saddle ring  
Used to equip a new packed tower with a height reduction of 35% and a diameter reduction of 30% compared to a plate tower, or to improve efficiency by 10-30% and reduce pressure loss by 20-60%. Experimental research on replacing wet distillation with dry distillation in China has shown that investment can be reduced by 20%. In summary, using a new type of ring saddle can increase yield, reduce energy consumption or cost, and improve separation efficiency.
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Plastic tower packing
Plastic tower packing has the characteristics of light weight, heat resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance, including tower packing made of PP, PE, RPP, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, and other materials. Plastic tower packing has the characteristics of high void ratio, low pressure drop, low mass transfer unit height, high flooding point, sufficient vapor liquid contact, and high mass transfer efficiency.
It is mainly divided into plastic random packing and plastic structured packing, characterized by high void ratio, low pressure drop and mass transfer unit height, high flooding point, sufficient vapor liquid contact, and high mass transfer efficiency. Widely used in various media in petroleum, chemical, chlor-alkali, gas, environmental protection, and other industries in packed towers with a temperature of 60-280 ℃.
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