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Tower packing ceramic intalox saddle


Ceramic intalox saddle is one of the type of ceramic tower packing, which is an open tower packing with a semi-circular structure and is processed using a continuous extrusion process. Due to its shape resembling a saddle, it is also known as a type of ceramic intalox saddle by users.
The ceramic intalox saddle ring packing bed layer has a large porosity. The shape of the ceramic intalox saddle ring packing is between the ring and saddle shapes, thus it has both advantages. This structure is conducive to liquid distribution and increases gas channels. Compared with the same material of Rasch ring, it has the advantages of high flux, reduced pressure, and high efficiency. The intalox saddle ring has lower resistance, higher flux, higher efficiency, and better strength and rigidity than the pall ring, making it the most widely used loose packing material.
The tower packing ceramic intalox saddle have high density, excellent acid and heat resistance, and can withstand corrosion from various inorganic acids, organic acids, and organic solvents except for hydrofluoric acid. The quality execution standard is in accordance with the chemical industry standard GB/T18749-2002 "Technical Conditions for Chemical Corrosion Resistant Ceramic Tower Fillers".

The performance characteristics of ceramic intalox saddle are as follows:
1. It can be used in high and low temperature environments, with a wide range of applications.
2. It has excellent acid and heat resistance, and can withstand the corrosion of various inorganic acids, organic solvents, and organic acids except for hydrofluoric acid.
The advantages of ceramic intalox saddle are as follows:
Ceramic intalox saddles are widely used in the chemical and petrochemical industries, such as drying towers, cooling towers, and washing towers, in addition to their uniform gaps, acid resistance, and heat resistance. At the same time, in the environmental protection industry, it is used in waste gas treatment and environmental protection equipment such as RTO thermal storage incinerators.
The commonly used specifications of the ceramic intalox saddle rings from OIM Chemical include 16mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 76mm etc. Their aluminum content can reach 17-19%, 31%, or customized aluminum content. If you have any questions about the parameters and performance of the ceramic intalox saddle ring, please feel free to contact us for discussion.

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