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Activated Alumina desiccant


Q1: What is the raw material of activated alumina?

1. Good fluidity, insoluble in water, and can be dissolved from molten cryolite.

2. In other words, it is a secondary raw material in the production of aluminum electrolysis.

3. There are four variants of several allotrope types, which can be extracted from bauxite in industry.

4. Alumina is a compound of aluminum and oxygen, and its molecular formula is Al2O3.

5. The pottery industry, such as material science, may first be called bauxite.

6. Emergency treatment Isolate the leakage pollution area and restrict access.

7. It is recommended that emergency personnel wear dust masks (full face masks) and protective clothing.

8. Sweep up carefully, put it in the box and transfer it to a safe place.

9. If there is a large amount of leakage, try to cover it with plastic sheeting or canvas.

10. Collect and recycle, for example, transport it to a waste disposal site for disposal.

11. Overview of China's industry, there are relatively abundant bauxite resources in the world. So far, the proven conservative reserves are 230,000 tons, ranking No. 4 in the world. It has the resource conditions to develop the alumina industry.

Q2: The preparation method of alumina carrier?

1. Alumina carrier ball 300kg/seven batches of fully lined enamel double cone rotary vacuum dryer.

2. In the kettle: Double cone rotary vacuum dryer Inner tank material: Q235-B, which is in contact with the material.

3. The 1200.085±0.005 part of alumina carrier ball is fully lined with enamel.

4. A set of material for the auxiliary impregnation liquid: Q235-B.

5. Feeding quantity: alumina carrier ball 300kg/ten units (single unit).

6. The auxiliary impregnation solution is 483.65kg/batch (single unit).

7. Material output: 375kg/batch of material after dipping (single unit).

8. Evaporation capacity: 408.65kg/set (single unit).

9. The ratio of alumina carrier ball stack is 560kg/m3.

Q3: Characteristics of alumina?

1. Alumina fiber muffle furnace device Alumina fiber electronic device Alumina fiber thermal conductivity, heating shrinkage and heat capacity are also relatively low.

2. The long-term use temperature is 1300-1400°S, which is higher than that of ordinary aluminum silicate fiber (1000-1100°A).

3. It has good chemical stability and can be used in vacuum conditions such as acidic environment, oxidizing atmosphere and reducing atmosphere. It also has strong corrosion resistance to personal alkaline environment, but it is susceptible to lead vapor and Erosion of vanadium.

4. A certain fiber core is used as a variety of heat treatment furnaces in the iron and steel industry, ceramic firing kilns, cracking furnaces, combustion furnaces and thermal insulation furnace linings in petrochemical industry, with remarkable energy saving effect.

Q4: What is the raw material of activated alumina?

1. The spherical alumina carrier still has the advantages of large filling amount, good fluidity, strong wear resistance, etc., so it is very suitable for fixed bed catalysis, fluidized bed catalysis, moving bed catalysis and ebullated bed catalysis.

2. The synthetic methods of pseudo-boehmite include inorganic aluminum salt method and aluminum alkoxide hydrolysis method.

3. The inorganic aluminum salt method focuses on sodium aluminate as the raw material. The sodium impurities in the pseudo-boehmite or non-layered alumina produced are not easy to remove, and the sodium content is as high as several hundred ppm.

4. Sodium impurities will neutralize or poison the acid center of the catalyst but lose its catalytic activity. On the other hand, at high temperature, sodium and alumina will form a solid solution, which will lower and lower the specific surface area of ​​alumina, causing the pores to collapse.

5. However, the corresponding product of the pseudo-boehmite produced by the aluminum alkoxide hydrolysis method has a very high sodium impurity content (generally lower than 50ppm), and the quality of the corresponding product is excellent.

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