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Service life and price of activated alumina desiccant


The service life of activated alumina desiccant also affects the production cost of enterprises. Good quality activated alumina has a long service life and can reduce energy consumption. What is the price of activated alumina desiccant?
Activated alumina desiccant has many pores and large surface area, and can be used as adsorbent, desiccant and catalyst. According to the polarity of the adsorbed substance, it has a strong affinity for water, oxides, acetic acid, alkali, etc. Activated alumina is a micro-water deep desiccant and a desiccant for adsorbing polar molecules. 
One of the reference points for considering the cost-effectiveness of activated alumina desiccants is their service life. In order to achieve the purpose of long-term use, the following methods are usually adopted to achieve common effects. 
1. Activated alumina desiccant is characterized by high strength and not easy to break, and the stored water is evaporated by exposure to continue to be used.
2. It is cleaned with sodium hydroxide solution or aluminum sulfate solution to regenerate activated alumina desiccant to a certain extent, restore adsorption performance and prolong service life.
If the activated alumina desiccant is saturated with adsorption during use, throwing it away directly will cause waste. In order to save this part of resources and costs, it can be achieved by the above method. 
The price of activated alumina desiccant will be affected by environmental factors, and the price will fluctuate up and down, which is a normal phenomenon. With the increase in market demand, people are more and more aware of activated alumina desiccant. The price will then fluctuate based on factors such as purchase quantity, quality, raw material prices, shipping costs etc. Please consult the price of activated alumina with complete specifications.

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