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Reasons for activated alumina balls broken


Activated alumina is one of the most widely used inorganic chemical products in the world. Because of its porous structure, high specific surface area and unstable transition state, it has great activity. In petrochemical and fertilizer industries, it is widely used as catalyst and catalyst carrier. When some manufacturers use activated alumina desiccant, there will be a large amount of broken activated alumina desiccant. There are many reasons for this problem. Let us analyze the reasons for this problem in detail below.
1. If there is a problem with the quality of the activated alumina desiccant, it is not surprising that there will be a large number of crushing problems. The activated alumina desiccant has the problems of poor strength, swelling and softening in contact with water, and small specific surface area, and a large amount of crushing is not enough.
2. Poor strength, wear under the action of air flow, the adsorption area decreases, the water absorption efficiency decreases, and the dew point increases. In addition, a large amount of powder generated by wear is easy to block the downstream pipeline filter element, causing the pressure difference of the pipeline filter element to rise or even fail, the system pressure drop to increase, the energy consumption of the air compressor to increase, and even to directly damage the dryer;
3. It swells in water, becomes soft, or even pulverizes, and activated alumina fails;
4. The product after reactivation and drying of the used ball has lost its adsorption capacity due to the blockage of the small ball holes. After filling the equipment, it has no effect at all and is easy to be broken again;
5. The specific surface area is small, the activated alumina desiccant with the same loading weight cannot reach the required water absorption area, the efficiency is low, and the dew point cannot meet the design requirements.
The above is the reason for the broken activated alumina, the supporting equipment should be in good condition, and the wearing parts should be replaced regularly. Before the suction dryer, a filter degreasing device should be configured, and a large amount of oil and water should not enter the suction dryer, causing the activated alumina desiccant adsorbent to be poisoned. The drain valve remains unblocked to prevent water from flowing back to the adsorption tower and pulverizing the activated alumina ball desiccant.

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