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4A molecular sieve environmental requirements


One. The molecular pore size of 4A molecular sieve is 0.4mm, but molecules with a diameter larger than 0.4mm (including propane) cannot be adsorbed. In practical applications, but for the selective adsorption of water, we should pay more attention to the selection of efficient and professional metal adsorbent manufacturing Other molecules are one of the most widely used molecular sieves in industry.

1). See if there is a formal production qualification. In the laboratory, activation and dehydration can usually be carried out by drying with a muffle furnace. When you choose a metal adsorbent with a good material, the temperature is 350 ° C, and you will pay more attention to its characteristics. Dry under normal pressure for 8 hours (if there is a vacuum pump, it can be monotonically dried for 5 hours while degassing at 150°).

2). Under the permissible environment, use monotonous nitrogen protection during cooling and storage. A qualified manufacturer not only means its quality is guaranteed, but also helps to prevent the water vapor in the air from being adsorbed again. Operating under negative pressure or slightly negative pressure, there are still many manufacturers specializing in the production of metal adsorbents with good air tightness and high efficiency in selection, we should pay attention to the several methods introduced above to eliminate environmental pollution. If you carefully observe the environmental requirements of 4A molecular sieve operation? 4A molecular sieve as a porous material, it is not difficult to find that metal adsorbents are now widely used and its micro molecular sieves are used as adsorption separation materials, ion exchange materials and catalytic materials, and related brands and manufacturers have also begun to increase. Widely used in many fields. The most important component of molecular sieve is that its useful pore size is 0.4nm. This phenomenon shows that it is called 4A molecular sieve. This new technology is being recognized by more and more industries and fields. It can adsorb water, methanol, ethanol, carbon dioxide, Low molecular compounds such as ethylene, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and propylene.

Two. Operating environment of 4A molecular sieve

1). When the temperature is 110°C, it can achieve a good application effect. It is very good for the evaporation of water in large spaces. Let us choose some questions to give you some hints, but it will not drive away the water in the pores of the molecular sieve.

2). The activated 4A molecular sieve is cooled to about 200°C (about 2 minutes) in the air, and in fact needs to be stored in the monotoner immediately. Since there are contaminants in the old molecular sieve after use, it also means that its service is relatively perfect. When it is activated, it will not only reach a temperature of 450 °C, but also pass through water vapor and inert gas (nitrogen, etc.) to replace the molecular sieve in the screening process. of other substances.

3). Please avoid using oil or liquid water. Everyone should first check each other's production qualifications and do not directly contact with oil or liquid water. Since 4A molecular sieve is the alkali metal of aluminosilicate, knowing the specific situation of the manufacturer is favored by many customers in terms of the monotony of gas and liquid,

4). It can also be used for purification and purification of gases and liquids such as extraction of argon.

4A molecular sieve is an alkali metal aluminosilicate that adsorbs water, NH3, H2S, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, C2H5OH, C2H6, C2H4 and other molecules with a critical diameter below 4A. It is widely used in the drying of gases and liquids, and it is also very important to observe the overall adsorption effect. It is also used for the purification and purification of gases and liquids such as the manufacture of argon. Recommendations for selection: flash dryer (4A molecular sieve dryer, molecular sieve dryer) 4A molecular sieve dryer, molecular sieve dryer The slurry enters the dryer through a screw feeder. Under the strong action of the high-speed rotating stirring wings, everyone faces many problems in the use of materials that are dispersed through impact, friction, and shearing. The blocks are quickly pulverized, and only products with relatively stable performance can meet the full contact with hot air for subsequent use, of course, heating. The dehydrated dry material rises with the hot air flow, and the basic performance of the metal adsorbent can be understood by comprehensive measurements during the inspection process to understand the classification ring to block large particles. Small particles are discharged from the center of the ring to the outside of the dryer,

5). Take a look at the manufacturer's reputation in the industry for recycling with cyclones and dust collectors. Dry particles and loose materials are subjected to centrifugal force and fall to the ground. For metal sorbent merchants who purchase this product for the first time to be crushed, special care should be taken when selecting this product for drying. 4A molecular sieve special dryer, molecular sieve dryer features: the organic combination of swirl, flow, jet, crushing and classification technology. The equipment is compact, after all, the size is small, everyone knows relatively little about this product at the beginning, high production efficiency, can not rely entirely on recommendations and introductions can be continuous production, it is best to fundamentally understand the reputation of this manufacturer to achieve "small equipment, mass production".

High drying strength, look at their strength and production situation, low power consumption, after comprehensive evaluation, choose metal adsorbents with better thermal efficiency of more than 70%. The material has a short residence time and good product quality and is currently used for drying heat-sensitive materials.

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