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Dehydration principle of activated alumina adsorbent


Activated alumina has strong adsorption capacity for many liquids, so it is often used in some places for adsorption and dehydration. The adsorber must ensure that its surface is dried before use, so that a good drying effect can be achieved. Only by understanding its dehydration principle before use, it can help us to use it better.
1. The principle of dehydration is used in the occasions where the dew point is low, the dew point depth can reach -60℃, and the water content is guaranteed to be below 3ppm.
2. There are two-tower and three-tower processes for dehydration process. Due to the cyclic changes of temperature and pressure during the adsorption and regeneration of alumina, the design and manufacture of activated alumina dryers are strict and the cost is high.
3. After running for a period of time, the outlet gas often carries dust, and a multi-filter dust filter can be used to purify the natural gas.
4. The gas enters the filter element from the outer surface, the impurities are blocked on the surface and inside of the filter body, and a uniform layer of filter cake is formed on the surface of the filter element. Due to its own bridging effect, the filtration accuracy is further improved.
5. In production practice, the factory technicians can decide the replacement frequency of the filter element according to the temperament conditions and the length of the running time.
6. In the case of batch usage in industrial production, you can choose to use the adsorber, and only need to replace the filter element in the later stage.
7. In industry, in addition to being used as a desiccant with strong adsorption capacity, it can also be used in water treatment as a fluoride removal agent, a arsenic removal agent, and as a pressure swing adsorption adsorbent.
Because of its strong hygroscopicity, activated alumina does not swell or crack after absorbing water, so it is made into an adsorber for industrial and household dehydration work. It's important to be good.

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