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Shipment for 5 pallets of activated alumina to South East market


Since the cooperation in first quarter of 2022, our customer in South East placed repeat order for our activated alumina at the beginning of January, 2023.
We’re very glad that customer is satisfied with our quality and service. So we tried our best to arrange order schedule and catch the last logistic to deliver to Shanghai port.
Customer bought our activated alumina in air dryers, and feedback that our water adsorption is good. Expecially they worked well in their device.


So what’s the function for desiccant activated alumina?
First of all, we need know what is the activated alumina? In a broad sense, activated alumina refers to a sphere with reactivity or adsorption activity under certain conditions. The activated alumina mentioned in our article refers to the active alumina ball with white spherical shape and Y-type main crystal phase. The particle size is uniform, the surface is smooth, the mechanical strength is large, and the hygroscopicity is strong. After absorbing water, it does not swell and crack, and it remains unchanged. It is non-toxic, odorless, and insoluble in water and ethanol.
The main function of activated alumina is used as an adsorbent or desiccant. It is used to remove water and purify gas in air separation and other industries, such as defluorination agent (large capacity of defluorination) for drinking water with high fluorine content, defluorination agent for circulating alkanes in alkylbenzene production, deacidification regeneration agent for transformer oil, gas drying in oxygen manufacturing industry, textile industry, electronic industry, drying fertilizer for automatic instrument air, petrochemical drying and other industries as drying agent and purifying agent (dew point up to - 40C), etc, In the air separation industry, pressure swing adsorption (dew point up to - 55C), etc. It is a highly efficient desiccant for deep drying with trace water. It is very suitable for heatless regeneration devices.
We also have other types of activated alumina ball, with other function. Anyone who have any interest, just contact us as below:

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