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Ship 32 tons of inert of ceramic balls to Africa


Very happy to share that OIM team finished the loading of 32tons of inert ceramic balls to Africa. The request is from UAE customer, which the project is located in Africa. And this is the first time to start to use ceramic balls from China. Before customer knew the ceramic balls from Denstone, which is the leading supplier for support media.

Actually the ceramic ball from OIM can be fully meet with the request. We knew that the most importance of ceramic balls is Al2O3 content, Crush strength and Bulk density. After compared the data with Denstone, customer found that our ceramic balls is matched to their quality. Per some technical discussion in 3 months, their technician confirmed our quality and service.


So what are the alumina contents of inert ceramic balls?

The common ceramic balls in the market are those containing 17-19% Al2O3, which is the most common and cost-effective one. Surely there are 23-26%, 30%, 40%, 50%...... 99% Al2O3 inert ceramic balls, and as the aluminum content increases, the color of the ceramic balls becomes whiter, and surely with higher hardness and bulk density. Of course, the cost is also higher. So how to choose the ceramic balls? It mainly depends on the final use, operating conditions, and cost budget. If you have any projects need our ceramic balls, just send your request to discuss. 

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