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Shipment for 5000kgs molecular sieve 13x to Asia customer


Today, let's share one of our Asian customers in 2022. After more than half a year of communication, the final purchase order was finally achieved.
The customer is from a trader company. In the third quarter of 2022, their end user just contacted our customer and told them that they need to replace the molecular sieve in their equipment. So end use talked with our customer and let him control the quality of the supplier's adsorbents. Our sales has been in good communication with customer since 2022. This time, we are told that the molecular sieve is used for desulfurization in liquefied petroleum gas. After technical communication and good service from our salesperson, our molecular sieve 13x 3.0-5.0mm can meet the customer's needs very well. Finally customer trusted us to place the order. At the same time, OIM Chemical did not live up to the trust of customers, and delivered the cargos to Shanghai port after New Year 2023 and now wait for the vessel schedule.

Now let's make a brief introduction for molecular sieve 13x.
Molecular sieve 13x is a new type of X-type molecular sieve with a pore size of 10A and can absorb any molecule less than 10A. Molecular sieve 13x is a special molecular sieve produced to meet the special requirements of the cryogenic air separation industry, further improve the adsorption capacity of molecular sieve for carbon dioxide and water, and avoid the phenomenon of freezing tower in the process of pore separation. At the same time, it plays a vital role in LPG desulfurization. The following are some basic uses of molecular sieve 13x:
*Deep drying of general industrial gases.
*Purification of raw feed gas in air separation unit.
*Industrial oxygen production.
*Drying and desulfurization of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and liquid
Anyone who want to know more for our molecular sieve, just feel free to contact us for discussion. OIM Chemical will be your good partner in adsorbents.

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