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Ship one container to Europe


In March,2023, we finished the loading container of 3.0-5.0mm activated alumina to Europe. Thanks so much for the trust for us.
Below is the photos of our cargos:  

Activated alumina belongs to the category of chemical alumina and is mainly used as adsorbent, water purification agent, catalyst and catalyst carrier. Activated alumina has selective adsorption ability for gas, water vapor and water in some liquids. After adsorption saturation, it can be heated at 175~315 ℃ to remove water and revive. Adsorption and reactivation can be carried out many times. In addition to being used as a desiccant, it can also absorb lubricating oil vapor from polluted oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, natural gas, etc. It can also be used as catalyst, catalyst carrier and chromatographic analysis carrier. It can be used as a defluorination agent for drinking water with high fluorine content (large capacity of defluorination), a defluorination agent for circulating alkanes in the production of alkyl benzene, a deacidification regenerant for transformer oil, a gas drying agent for oxygen production, textile industry and electronic industry, a drying agent for automatic instrument air, a drying agent and a purifying agent (dew point up to - 40 ℃) in fertilizer, petrochemical drying and other industries, and a pressure swing adsorption dew point up to - 55 ℃ in the air separation industry. It is a highly efficient desiccant for deep drying with trace water, and is very suitable for the heatless regenerative air dryer device.
The activated alumina produced by Jiangxi OIM Chemical Co., Ltd. has the following application.
◎ Activated alumina KA401: for adsorbent.
◎ Activated alumina KA402: for defluorination.
◎ Activated alumina KA403: for absorption in producing H2O2.
◎ Activated alumina KA404: for catalyst carrier.
◎ Activated alumina KA405: for dehydrating and drying in air separation etc.
◎ Activated alumina KA406: for claus catalyst.
◎ Activated alumina KA407: for special H2O2 application.
◎ Activated alumina KA408: for chloride removal.
◎ Activated alumina KA409: for TBC removal.
We also have other kinds of adsorbents, such as molecular sieve, silica gel, inert ceramic balls etc, which is often used together in the petrochemical industry. Any query, just email via

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