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Won the tender for 1*40’HQ activated alumina


Recently, OIM achived one success of tender project of 1*40’HQ activated alumina. Customer is from East South Asia, which is one of the biggest chemicals manufacturers over years. And it’s lucky that our activated alumina ball is very economic and efficient adsorbent to remove water in their production process.

As an activated alumina supplier with over years of experience, we knew that the importance of product quality, such as crush strength, water adsorption and other parameter. So for every batch of activated alumina, our professional QC team will also arrange inspection for each production step. 


So after recieve the cargos, how to better extend the life time?
1. Sealed storage: When not using activated alumina, it should be sealed and stored to prevent moisture absorption. If need to keep it for longer time, it is recommended to use a sealed steel drum for storage.
2. Avoid high temperature and humid environments: Activated alumina desiccants should avoid high temperature and humid environments. So we need to place it in a dry and cool place to avoid affecting its adsorption performance.
3. Regular inspection: If used infrequently, the condition of activated alumina should be checked regularly. If clumping or yellowing is found, it indicates that it has lost its water absorption ability and needs to be replaced.
4. Pay attention to the usage environment: If activated alumina which has not been used for a long time needs to start to work, it should be avoided from being exposed to high temperature and high humidity environments to avoid losing its moisture absorption ability.

If above 4 points can be achieved, our activated alumina can be stored for at least 3-5 years. So to know more our adsorbents, such as activated alumina, molecular sieve, silica gel land ceramic balls, just email us back to talk more.

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