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The application of ceramic balls in thermal storage melting furnaces


In thermal storage furnaces, honeycomb ceramics and high alumina balls are commonly used as virtual heat carriers. However, due to the non-recycle use of honeycomb ceramics, the cost is high. And now high alumina balls are commonly used in kilns in the market. The main material of high alumina balls is calcined alumina, so they are also called high alumina thermal storage balls. And the spherical thermal storage body has the advantages of good thermal shock stability, large heat storage capacity, high strength, easy flushing, and reusability. The higher the alumina content, the better its virtual thermal performance and the lower the crushing rate. According to current market reactions, 99% Al2O3 high alumina balls are widely used, and commonly used sizes are small balls with diameters of 13mm, 16mm, and 25mm. This can achieve the goal of heat storage and energy conservation without affecting air flow.

Why can high alumina balls play a role in heat storage?
Firstly, high alumina balls divide the airflow into very small streams. When the airflow passes through the thermal conductive body, strong turbulence is formed, effectively breaking through the boundary layer on the surface of the thermal conductive body. Additionally, due to the small diameter of the ball, small conduction radius, low thermal resistance, high density, and good thermal conductivity, it can achieve the requirements of frequent and rapid commutation of thermal conductive burners.
The high alumina ball bed has strong flow capacity, and even if the resistance increases after ash accumulation, it will not affect the heat transfer index.
And high alumina balls have the characteristics of strong oxidation resistance and slag resistance.
The replacement and cleaning of high alumina balls are very convenient and can be reused.
So high alumina balls are widely used in heating circuits, aluminum melting furnaces, forging furnaces, and other industrial kilns in the steel and metallurgical industries. Especially suitable for air separation equipment heat storage devices and steel plant blast furnace gas heating furnaces as heat storage fillers, through dual preheating of gas and air, the combustion temperature can quickly meet the requirements of steel billet heating for rolling.
OIM Chemical have two types of aluminum content in the high alumina balls: 99% -99.3% and 99.5% Al2O3, and suitable products are selected according to different uses. If there is any technical or business consultation in this area, welcome to inquire us.

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