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The activated alumina prie per kg


Activated alumina desiccant is also known as “activated desiccant”. Because activated alumina have higher strength and reactivity than catalysts. Alumina oxide is the products after the heating and dehydration of aluminum hydroxide. Due to the different intial forms and dehydration temperature of aluminium hydroxide, then we can obtain different types of alumina. As the dehydration activated alumina as main raw material, we can obtain the activated alumina desiccant at 600 ℃.
Since March, 2024, the price of aluminum hydroxide is constantly increasing. Till today, the raw material supplier did not offer quotations. They will quote again next week based on the market situation. Aluminium hydroxide is the main material to produce activated alumina. Usually excellent material is the key points to guarantee the quality of activated alumina. So we must purchase from the rich experience manufacturers, and then do the test for the wear, viscosity and purity of powder.
Activated alumina has the advantage of cost-effective compared of other types of adsorbents. And its higher compressive strength, it has wide applications in the market. The most common application is used in the various packing towers, placed them at the bottom of towers, as the first process of remove water, thus could improve the strength of catalysts and other adsorbents, which can provide protection for them.
So what is the activated alumina price per kg? It mainly depends on the final application, quantity and package. Usually if it is just for adsorb water, and use in the common environment, our activated alumina price is similar with market price. But if for the air seperation plant, they need higher quality of activated alumina, thus need our customized activated alumina on it. Obviously, the activated alumina price is higher then common ones. Previously, we told that the raw material price of activated alumina have been flucuating. Currently the price valid is usually 10 days.

In operating conditions, the drying depth of activated alumina desiccant is lower than the dew point of -70 degree. It can be used as oxygen production, textiles, electronics, fertilizers and petrochemicals etc. At the same time, usually some customers will need activated alumina and molecular sieves to work together, even not only just 2 kinds of adsorbents, or more adsorbents to be used together.OIM Chemical has been focaused on the production of adsorbents for over years. Welcome the new and regular customers to inquire and discuss together.

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