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Molecular sieve drying technology


Microwave drying technology solves the problems of slow drying speed, large energy loss and poor product quality in traditional drying molecular sieves, which are embodied in:
1. The microwave drying speed of molecular sieve is fast, generally it can achieve the purpose of microwave drying in a few minutes; 
2. The microwave drying molecular sieve is uniform, realizing deep drying and achieve good quality; 
3. Static drying, no burning belt, less dust;
4. Non-contact drying avoids the pollution of molecular sieve;
5. The microwave drying molecular sieve process is safe, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly. It uses electric energy and dries both inside and outside at the same time, which saves more than 50% energy than electric heating drying;
6. Shorten the production cycle and greatly reduce the occupation of production working capital;
7. The temperature of the microwave drying equipment is below 40 °C to improve the working environment of workers;
8. The equipment is easy to operate.

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