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How to buy the carbon molecular sieve?


Nitrogen is familiar to everyone, with oxygen accounting for about 21% of the air and nitrogen reaching at least 78%. So how can we effectively extract nitrogen from the air and even improve the purity of nitrogen to the highest level? Now let me introduce you an indispensable adsorbent: carbon molecular sieve.

Carbon molecular sieve belongs to carbon adsorbent, and its ability to separate air depends on the different diffusion rates or adsorption forces of various gases in the micropores of carbon molecular sieve. When carbon molecular sieve enters the adsorption tower, its adsorption capacity for oxygen and nitrogen is similar, but the diffusion speed of oxygen molecules is much faster than that of nitrogen molecules. Therefore, carbon molecular sieve air separation for nitrogen production is based on this performance, and nitrogen is separated from the air through the PSA process flow? So how to choose carbon molecular sieves?

As well known, there are both imported and domestically produced products, and our carbon molecular sieve is no exception. The main difference between imported and domestic carbon molecular sieves is the nitrogen production rate and recovery rate. The nitrogen production rate refers to the amount of nitrogen gas produced per ton per hour; The recovery rate is the amount of air consumed. There is still a gap between domestically produced and imported carbon molecular sieves, but considering the price, I personally think that domestical produced ones have a higher cost-effectiveness. The market price varies according to the nitrogen production rate, which is often reflected in the types, such as carbon molecular sieve 220, carbon molecular sieve 240, carbon molecular sieve 260... carbon molecular sieve 330). Normally, the price of imported carbon molecular sieves is twice or more than that of domestic molecular sieves. As an occasional buyer, if you want to buy a cost-effective and stable quality carbon molecular sieve, you must advise the seller of the process of your nitrogen generator, the required amount of carbon molecules, and the final gas flow rate and N2 purity achieved. Using this as the assessment standard to purchase carbon molecular sieves, otherwise, if you disregard the process, gas volume, purity, and weight to buy carbon molecular sieves, you will only be a scapegoat. Currently there is a market where low type carbon molecular sieves are used as high type carbon molecular sieves for sale, but users are unable to assess them. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to keep their eyes open and discuss technical issues with carbon molecular sieve manufacturers in order to purchase satisfied adsorbent carbon molecular sieves.

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