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13x molecular sieve removal mercaptan


Keywords: Liquefied gas; Desulfurization; Removal H2S
Adsorbent desiccant:13x molecular sieve, activated alumina, etc.
Topic: Domestic and foreign liquefied petroleum gas desulfurization technology uses 13x molecular sieve, activated alumina, activated carbon and related catalysts etc.
Traditional LPG desulfurization and refining have two methods, dry method and wet method, which are generally determined according to their sulfur content and processing depth, that is also called purification requirements. For LPG with low sulfur content or small processing capacity, the dry method is usually used. Generally, whether the dry gas in a refinery is used as a fuel or as a raw material for a chemical plant, it needs to be desulfurized first, and it is mainly used in situations that require higher desulfurization.
Generally, a few companies in Europe and America use molecular sieve adsorption methods, such as 13x molecular sieve, which has the ability to remove H2S, COS, water and organic sulfur at the same time. Molecular sieve is a synthetic zeolite with selective adsorption characteristics, which can simultaneously remove H2S organic sulfur to a very low level. Its characteristics are physical adsorption and no chemical reaction. 13x molecular sieve is the best adsorbent for removal mercaptan. The molecular sieve method does not need to be washed with alkali, is pollution-free, and can be adsorbed at room temperature. However, it needs to be regenerated at a high temperature of about 300 degrees, which requires a process of simultaneous adsorption-regeneration and mutual conversion of plant equipment. In many countries, combined adsorbents are also useful, such as 13x molecular sieve, activated alumina, activated carbon, zinc oxide and other adsorbents.
With economic development, the demand for LPG in various countries around the world has gradually increased, especially the demand for chemical raw materials has increased rapidly. LPG desulphurization is the key to ensuring the deep processing and utilization of LPG.
Molecular sieve for CO2 and H2S removal

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