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The types and character of inert ceramic balls


Inert ceramic ball (also named porcelain ball) is mainly as support material and tower packing in reactors of various industries, mainly for catalysts. But its type is not single, it can be divided into two types, packings and ceramic ball.
According to its professional feather, packings can be used to increase the distribution points of gas and liquid, thereby playing a role of support and protection. At the same time, packings can be divided into many types, such as plastics, inert alumina, medium alumina, high alumina etc. The inert type of high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance is very powerful, and can be used in high temperature and high pressure industries. Its water absorption is also very low, but this type has very high chemical properties. The activated type has a catalytic effect and can support the catalyst. In addition to its high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance, it also has a high degree of resistance to high mechanization. Grinding types are mainly used for grinding bodies of fine grinding equipment, mainly ball mills, pot mills, and vibration mills. Moreover, the hardness of this abrasive ceramic ball is very high.
In fact, although the ceramic ball is small, it has many functions. It can be applied to various production fields , The scope is very wide. Therefore, although the porcelain ball is small, it has great functions.

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