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How to fill the activated alumina and molecular sieve


Before filling the adsorption tower, remove the used activated alumina and molecular sieve from the adsorption tower. If possible, use high-pressure gas to purge it to ensure that there is no oil and other impurities in the adsorption tower. By the way, check the easily damaged parts such as filter element, refrigeration dryer, drain valve, sealing ring and so on one by one.
Disassemble the air inlet pipe and filter pipe on the top of the purifier to be filled with molecular sieve. The actived activated alumina and molecular sieve are manually filled into the adsorption tower, and the artifact can be filled with alumina if possible, saving labor and time. After filling, be sure to use a vibrator or rubber hammer to shake to ensure that the activated alumina and molecular sieve in the adsorption tower are densely packed and there are no gaps. Insufficient filling can cause crushing and pulverization, leading to serious economic losses. In addition to the powdery failure of activated alumina and molecular sieve, other filter elements and other accessories will also be scrapped. After confirming that the filling is full, the screws of the pressing device can be tightened.
During the operation of the drier, remember not to enter a large amount of liquid water, which will cause the activated alumina and molecular sieve to be saturated prematurely and lose the adsorption capacity.

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