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How to distinguish the process of ceramic raschig ring


Recently, many customers inquired about the function of Raschig ring. Let’s take a look. Ceramic Raschig ring is often used in washing towers in chemical production to increase the specific surface area of the filter medium. So how can we choose a qualified ceramic Raschig ring?
First, "look", mainly from the color of the ceramic Raschig ring to see if the surface of the Raschig ring is smooth and flat. If the color is round, it means it is made of high-quality kaolin. In addition, you can also see if there are many black spots on the surface of the Raschig ring. If the black spots are small and not obvious, it means that the iron removal process is good. Also if the roundness and aesthetics are good, it means that the processing technology of the production plant is relatively good.
Secondly, "smell", which is mainly judged from the tone of the porcelain ring. Touch the two porcelain rings to each other and listen quietly with your ears. If the sound is crisp and there is no turbid sound, it is a fine ceramic Raschig ring.  On the contrary, the quality is unqualified and not burnt through.
Thirdly, "lick". Take a finished ceramic Raschig ring and lick the surface of the porcelain ring with your tongue. If the surface of the porcelain ring becomes wet immediately, it means that the water absorption rate is high and the porcelain ring has not been completely porcelain.
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