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The regeneration method of Activated alumina


In the drying application of activated alumina, heating regeneration is usually used, and hot nitrogen is usually used for purging regeneration. Because water and activated alumina strongly interact, and it is difficult to completely adsorbed water by other methods. The process includes three steps of heating, washing and cooling. The higher the heating temperature is, the better the regeneration effect is. Because the high concentration of water vapor at high temperature will seriously damage the structure of activated alumina, it is necessary to flush the activated alumina bed with nitrogen, air, product gas or other suitable gases during heating. The flushing gas should not contain moisture, because the moisture in the flushing gas will affect the regeneration effect  directly .
The regenerated activated alumina bed must be cooled before it can be adsorbed. When flushing the bed with cooling gas, the gas used should also be free of moisture. The flow direction of the cold stripping gas is the same as the direction of the adsorption cycle. When activated alumina is used to dry liquids such as propylene, the liquid in the activated alumina bed must be discharged during the regeneration process without any dead ends. Otherwise, the remaining liquid will react or carbonize when heated, which will seriously affect the efficiency and service life of the adsorption cycle.

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