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OIM Oxygen Molecular Sieve 13x HP


Molecular sieve oxygen production refers to the use of molecular sieve adsorption characteristics at room temperature to separate oxygen from the air. Generally use pressure swing adsorption separation technology. That is PSA (Pressure Swing Absorb).
The epidemic is fierce, especially in India in April. Almost 90% of the inquiries received are from India recently by OIM , and almost inquired about molecular sieve for oxygen generation.
* Small household oxygen generator, usually 1-10L, 0.4-0.8mm is the appropriate size;
* Hundreds liters of machine or hospital used oxygen, usually 1.3-1.7mm and 1.4-2.8mm are workable.
There are two types of molecular sieves commonly used for oxygen production, 13x hp and lithium molecular sieves. Obviously, lithium molecular sieves are the most efficient, environmentally friendly and highly efficient adsorbent for oxygen production. The current delivery date has been scheduled to August, so please wait patiently.

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