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6200kgs Activated alumina to South America


      Keywords: Activated alumina; activated alumina ball; Air compressor dryer;
      heatless regeneration air dryers; dew point -45 degree.
      Application: 1/4’’ 1/8’’ activated alumina as adsorbent in air compressor dryer.
One of our foreign customers purchased 6200kgs activated alumina this week. Customer is a famous company in manufacturing air compressor dryers to whole South America market.
Before they often bought the activated alumina ball and molecular sieve from Axens. After several months’ communication and deep discussion, they decided to try the desiccant activated alumina ball 1/4’’ 1/8’’ from us.
The activated alumina from Jiangxi OIM is a non-toxic adsorbent in air compressor dryers, the dew point can reach -45 degree in heatless regeneration condition, can meet the request of most kinds of Medium and Large dryers. The raw material we chose is 100% new materials, the water adsorption can reach 17-19%, is the main adsorbents in air dryers. The life time of activated alumina is 2-6 years, which is based on the temperature of the intake air. To avoid buying recycled activated alumina, be sure to choose a regular company for purchase. Avoid pulverization and clogging of equipment after using half year.
We also have other type of activated alumina in H2O2 production, carrier catalyst etc. For more question for our activated alumina, just feel free to contact us soon.

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