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Double 11: The promotion activities from 11th -- 30th, Nov.


Double 11 is also called “Singles” Day , anything with “1” means “Single” in China, . It’s started in 2009 and till now. It has become the biggest Shopping Festival in online and offline store in China. You can understand it’s Black Friday in USA.
At that day, the major e-commerce shops and offline stores will give largest discounts to boost their sales. Good for customers and sellers.
Jiangxi OIM Chemical Co., Ltd is a professional supplier in adsorbent series (main products is molecular sieve, activated alumina, ceramic balls) and column tower packings in random and structured. Nice to inform all of our regular and new clients: To follow the trend, we’ll give good discounts to support you if order amount is over USD3,000.00 (exclude the freight cost). The promotion activities will be carried out from  11th to 30th November, 2021. 

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