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17-19% inert ceramic balls ready to Asia country


Inert ceramic balls is widely used as support media to product catalyst. We’re glad to ship our 17-19% 19mm ceramic balls to our client from Asia, who had been worked with us over years. Our crush strength can reach over 7300N/PCS. So what are the ceramic balls?
Ceramic ball is also called Porcelain balls, which is a material widely used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, natural gas and environmental protection industries. Ceramic balls are used as the covering support material and column packing of the catalyst in the reactor. It has the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure resistance, low water absorption and stable chemical properties. It can withstand the corrosion of acid, alkali and other organic solvents, and can withstand the temperature changes in the production process. Its main function is to increase the distribution point of gas or liquid to support and protect the active catalyst with low strength.
We shipped 1*20’GP 19mm ceramic balls to Shanghai port this week. If you want to know more for our ceramic ball, alumina ball, Just send an inquiry to

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Tracy Chen
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