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Sharing the order of Carbon Molecular Sieve


Today let’s share the order of carbon molecular sieve, which the inquiry is in April. After almost half a year, customer finally chose to cooperate with Jiangxi OIM Chemical, and are interested in to establish long-term business cooperation.
The customer is from Asian country and is the distributor of the International Brand ATLAS Nitrogen Generators and compressed air desiccants. This time his client wants to replace the carbon molecular sieve. Through the Internet, customer found our company and also compared several other suppliers. After in-depth communication of requests from customer, we made detailed introduction to customer, and give the relevant points of long-term technical guidance. After considering all factors, he chose to trust us, and signed a contract with our company after the National Day in October and express a cooperation intention in the future. Professional knowledge of products and services, as well as technical guidance to solve problems for customers, which make customer satisfied.
Now let's introduce you this hot-selling adsorbent ---carbon molecular sieve.
The main component of carbon molecular sieve is elemental carbon, which is a widely existing elements in nature. It is widely used in coal industry, natural gas, cable industry, metal processing, food industry, transportation and preservation. Usual size is 1.1-1.3mm, and 1.5-1.7mm & 1.8-2.0mm is coarse particles; Models are CMS220, CMS240,CMS260,CMS280,CMS300 and CMS330. The N2 purity of our carbon molecular sieve is also quite high, Can reach 99.999%. For specific parameters and technical support agents, please contact If you’re still in hard to find good price and quality adsorbents, the adsorbents from Jiangxi OIM Chemical is your best choice. We look forward to work with you soon!

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