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Can molecular sieve desiccant be recycle used?


1. The structure of molecular sieve desiccant is just like a sponge, with large holes or holes arranged on the outside, and the holes are connected and anxious with each other.

2. In my opinion, the inner surface area of each gram of molecular sieve can reach more than 8 million square meters. If different substances pass through the molecular sieve, if some of them are small in size or the molecules can be Montagrier, some molecules do not need to wander out from the outside. That is the purpose of being adsorbed is that it needs to be removed from the hole and cannot be freed, in order to reach the purpose of screening molecules.

3. In short, the name "molecular sieve" is the etymology in my opinion.

4. The desiccants are calcium chloride desiccant, silica gel desiccant and other desiccant, which can reduce the water content in the air to 0.4 g/100 million tons.

5. Therefore, the use of molecular sieve desiccant can reduce the neutralized water content in the air to less than 0.01 g/100 million ton.

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