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How to extend the life of oxygen generator molecular sieve


The longer the service life of the oxygen molecular sieve, the greater the economic benefit to the hospital. If you want to extend the effective service life of the molecular sieve of the oxygen generator, you still have to start from the characteristics of the molecular sieve. According to its strong oil absorption, strong water absorption, easy powdering and other characteristics, we had below summary:
1. Create a dry working environment for the oxygenmolecular sieve: First, the site selection of the station should not be too humid, and ensure that the surrounding ventilation is good and the air circulation is fast. The second is to configure a compressed air dryer to make the compressed space entering the adsorption tower dry and clean.
2. Create an oil-free working environment for the oxygen molecular sieve: Configure a special oil-free air compressor for oxygen production, so that the compressed air entering the oxygen generator does not contain oil, and the molecular sieve is not polluted by oil. At the same time, using the special oil-free air compressor for oxygen production, the molecular sieve oxygen generator does not need an oil filter, and there is no need to replace the oil filter element, which can save a lot of maintenance costs.
3. Create a lower analytical pressure for oxygen molecular sieve: Molecular sieve is easy to pulverize under higher pressure, therefore, molecular sieve should be operated in a low-pressure environment as much as possible. At present, the low-pressure oil-free medical molecular sieve oxygen production equipment on the market can realize that the pressure of oxygen molecular sieve is lower than 0.1MPa when adsorbing nitrogen, and it is in a vacuum state when analyzing nitrogen, which well avoids the pulverization phenomenon of molecular sieve due to pressure, saving a lot of energy.
4. Regularly maintain the molecular sieve oxygen generator. Regular and correct maintenance of the oxygen generator can prevent the oxygen molecular sieve from being deactivated and maintain a good working condition, which can increase its service life.
At present, molecular sieves are generally used in the market to produce oxygen by pressure swing adsorption. So, what are the advantages of oxygen generator molecular sieve?
* High oxygen concentration
Molecular sieve oxygen generator adopts zeolite molecular sieve, and adopts pressure swing adsorption technology (PAS) to strictly separate oxygen and nitrogen in the air, and remove other substances and some harmful substances in the air.
* The cost of oxygen production is relatively low
The molecular sieve oxygen generator uses air as the raw material, does not need to add any other raw materials, and has no residue and pollution discharge, thus reaching the environmental protection standard.
* Low power consumption, easy to use
As long as the power is plugged in, oxygen can be generated, the operation is very simple, and the oxygen concentration is stable and the purity is high.
The large-capacity molecular sieve oxygen generator can adjust the oxygen flow, and can be used at any time, regardless of time and place. If necessary, it can be used 24 hours a day.
* Safe and reliable
All the gas paths of the molecular sieve oxygen generator are controlled by the low-pressure system program, which has no radiation and no pollution, stable performance and low noise, which is a good guarantee for producers and environmental protection.
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