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Specific Applications of High Aluminum Balls


People in the chemical industry must be familiar with porcelain balls, right? But what are the specific uses of our ceramic balls? The following article will provide a detailed explanation for everyone.
1. Catalyst Support: High alumina balls serve as excellent catalyst supports due to their high mechanical strength, thermal stability, and chemical inertness. They are often used in petroleum refining, chemical synthesis, and other industrial processes where catalysts are employed. The balls provide a stable platform for catalysts, ensuring efficient reactions and prolonging catalyst lifespan.
2. High-Temperature Furnace Bed Support: With their outstanding thermal stability and resistance to high temperatures, high alumina balls find application as bed supports in high-temperature furnaces. These furnaces are commonly used in industries such as metallurgy, ceramics, and glass manufacturing. The balls provide thermal insulation, prevent sagging of the bed, and facilitate uniform heat distribution.
3. Heat Exchangers and Regenerators: High alumina balls are utilized in heat exchangers and regenerators due to their excellent thermal conductivity. Their high surface area enables efficient heat transfer, making them ideal for applications where heat recovery or exchange is crucial, such as in industrial boilers, high-temperature air preheaters, and other thermal systems.
4. Refractory Applications: The superior refractory properties of high alumina balls make them valuable in a broad range of refractory applications. They are used for lining kilns, furnaces, and reactors, as well as in the production of refractory bricks and castables. Their ability to withstand high temperatures, chemical corrosion, and mechanical stress ensures the durability and performance of refractory structures.
5. Gas and Liquid Absorption: High alumina balls possess excellent adsorption properties, making them useful for gas and liquid absorption applications. They are utilized in gas dryers and purifiers to remove impurities and moisture from gases such as hydrogen, ammonia, and natural gas. Additionally, they find application in wastewater treatment and purification processes.
6. Ballistic Armor: Due to their exceptional mechanical properties and high strength-to-weight ratio, high alumina balls are incorporated into the production of ballistic armor and protective materials. They provide superior resistance against projectiles and high-velocity impacts, making them essential for personal and vehicle armor used in military and security applications.
7. Grinding and Milling Media: High alumina balls are widely employed as grinding and milling media in industries that require size reduction and particle dispersion. They exhibit high wear resistance and low contamination rates, making them ideal for grinding applications in ceramic, mining, paint, and pharmaceutical industries.
These are just a few notable applications of high alumina balls. Their versatility and unique properties make them indispensable across various industrial sectors.

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